Quality Assurance :

We have an in-house designed three stage quality control system which does not leave any room for mistakes or carelessness. The endeavor of the company is to provide quality products by imbibing the latest international mining technology. This can be gauged from the fact that the entire mine operations are carried out with the help of latest equipment for marble extraction. sophisticated software developed internally on RDBMS platform tracks and evaluates all possible functions, cost areas and productivity of the mining operations. It is also the first marble mining company, which has very high level of mechanization with highly skilled and trained workmen.

The Logistics Experts:

Thanks to many years of logistics experience we are experts at navigating import/export regulations, currency transactions, federal regulations, purchase contracts and customs. Highly motivated team of professionals is dedicated to work. The team created the records of completing large projects before given time frame. Needless to say, the growth GALAXY EXPORTS has been spurred by the spirit of the individuals who work at various levels to keep ahead of the rest and constantly rise to the challenges that beckon them at the frontiers of technology. Our active approach ensures that the product reaches our customer as soon as possible. Every order is a priority.

Support :

Strong business relationships with suppliers enables us to avoid the problems that often arise in foreign negotiations as a result of language or cultural differences. Our experienced operations and marketing professionals believe in good communications with the customer so that they know the status of each order. So by integrating with our suppliers we achieve improved performance and cost savings and offer our customers a solid support service and quality product at competitive prices. Veritable added value you can count on, so that you can get to know the performance of man-made stone, and ensuring you will be offered “bespoke” service.